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At Premium Pellets we are committed to providing service excellence. We have a first class track record with on time deliveries & good quality product.

All our Pellets are technically analysed before distribution to ensure their high quality standards are maintained. Our Wood Pellets have low ash & moisture content and have a high calorific value.

We deliver Wood Pellets to many Industries including Poultry, Mushrooms, Nursing Homes & Swimming Pools, and this portfolio continues to grow. We have a large customer base in Ireland, delivering on average loads of 25 tonne at a time in our Specialised Lorry for the delivery of Wood pellets. We also service the Household Market, providing Pre Filled Bags or Bulk Deliveries.

Our Wood Pellets are imported from Eastern Europe, from one of the largest softwood sawmills in the Baltics. All production is CE certified.

The shipments arrive to Premium Pellets storehouse at Drogheda Port, Co. Louth. The Pellets are then screened through a modern screening plant in order to remove the dust, and are then put in Delivery Bay, ready for distribution. The Dust is collected and used as a Bio Mass Fuel Source in the production of electricity.

The whole process results in zero waste.